Throwback 1950


Since the beginning of the emerging industry in the 1950ies, FROEMAG machines are well known for its reliability, accuracy and durability. From there we permanently have been improving the design. Today’s FROE MAG machines are equipped with CNC-controls, servo drives and remote service support.



Batch Key Seating


Simultanous keyeseating on multiple workpieces



Remote Support


Whenever support or assistance is required on site,
the FROEMAG Remote Router provides the direct Connection to our engineers.



Dimension Spectrum

From small workpieces to large assemblies:
FRÖMAG machines, tools and equipment provide the economical machining of a wide range of workpieces.

The CNC control with intuitive operation enables machining of straight keyways, conical key ways and spiral key ways as well as internal gears.


Workpiece examples:








































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Maschinenfabrik FRÖMAG GmbH & Co. KG

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Diameter: 47 mm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Machining: 1xstraight + 1xround key way
Bore diameter: 18 mm
Key width/depth: 1x5/2,3 mm + 1xR3

Diameter: 3400 mm
Weight: 6800 kg
Machining: Straight keyway parallel to conical bore
Bore diameter: 420/440 mm
Key width/depth: 32/8,4 mm

We slot (almost) everything


Whatever shape your workpieces have:

FRÖMAG machines score with quick and easy set-up and precise machining.

Our subcontracting workshop is equipped with lifting gear, tooling with integrated cutting oil supply and material cooling as well as a unique range of tools for key seating and slotting.


Workpiece example:
Workpiece length  13 ft
Machining: double keyway
Bore diameter 2,8 in
Key width/depth 0,8/0,2 in
















Got curious? Then let us have your request!

Fon 023 73 / 756 – 0

Email info@froemag.com


Maschinenfabrik FRÖMAG GmbH & Co. KG

Am Klingelbach 2

58730 Fröndenberg


Improved productivity:


Improved productivity: Reduced setup times, increased safety and ergonomic aspects: The zero-force & bottom-seat broach tool handling system by FROEMAG does it all. Available for new machines as well as retrofit for existing FTR Table Up & FSR Series.

Tools are stored on the motorized broach carousel. The handling system supports the operator on quick setup and safe handling of the broaches.

Whenever layouts need to be changed during the lifetime of a machine: Table Up machines are installed at grade on the shop floor without needing a pit.

Low space requirements, no protruding components and an easy access for maintenance keeping downtimes at a lowest level.

Integration in automated cells combined with a minimum of setup requirements.

All FROEMAG Machines are equipped with an easy and intuitive user interface with touch screen and precisely driven by servo motors.


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Your benefits on choosing FROEMAG CNC Machines:



+ All machines equipped with Froemag's unique HMI

+ Easy and intuitive operation

+ Touch panel

+ No programming required

+ Precise Servo Drives

+ Sturdy design made in Germany

+ Remote support

+ Installation and operational within one shift




Top matching products!


With tools and tooling equipment from FROEMAG you are ready for precise production of parts - at one-stop.

Our team is ready to support you on selelecting the proper equipment.



The team is getting ready for the show and is looking forward to meet you at our booth!


Around keyseating and broaching you get the latest update on concepts and machines:

  •  automation and integration
  •  reducing setup-times
  •  machines for single item, small batch and mass production.


These machines we have lined up for you:

  • Rapida E32
  • Rapida E50 equipped w/ Corsa tooling
  • Table-Up FTR-9


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